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Information Security and Cyber

illuminIT discovers information security risks in the context of the business services such as:

  • All digital certificates in use and their status including expiry dates
  • Application connections across subnets (Dev to Prod etc.)
  • Firewall configuration
  • Who is accessing which server via which service

illuminIT identifies communications between networks, and can alert on unexpected communications – either from outside (external access) or between networks that are expected to be isolated.

When configuring a firewall, one needs to know which applications require which ports to be open. illuminIT discovers the applications and shows all the subnets, servers and ports being used by each application, so that configuring a firewall becomes easy and straightforward.

Digital SSL Certificates

illuminIT identifies all the digital SSL certificates used in the organization and reports on their status, alerting in advance on an expiring certificates. illuminIT discovers SSL certificates passively by capturing network traffic, and has the advantage of notifying only on certificates that are actually being used, and not just any certificate stored and not actively used. illuminIT’s SSL certificate discovery is continuous rather than periodic, and therefore will alert immediately on an expiring certificate.

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