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Planning and Simulation

Predict the Potential Impact of a Change

Without an always-up-to-date, dynamic baseline map of business services, handling alerts or making changes to the datacenter will eventually result in configuration drift and unplanned outages. illuminIT features built-in change impact analysis and simulation. It saves audit trails of changes made and can highlight the difference between your baseline topology map and reality. It also has the capability to predict the potential impact of a change on business-critical applications and help you minimize it.

Impact of a single server on multiple business services

  • Impacted business services are highlighted
  • Usage: check the possible impact of planned downtime, or a planned change

How to avoid configuration drift

illuminIT identifies changes to both the business application and infrastructure while keeping its dynamic maps current and relevant.

illuminIT uses a unique top-down approach to create interactive business service maps. Using its wire-data, predictive analytic engine, illuminIT automatically and non-intrusively identifies business services and IT assets. The product supports and can map your entire environment including web, client-server, cloud, mainframe, legacy and more.

illuminIT reflects the current blueprint of the organization’s business to IT topology, and can help you identify any deviations from it – thus avoiding configuration drift.

Compare current status to saved snapshot – configuration drift

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How to avoid configuration drift

How to better plan for system downtime


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