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Business Application Mapping and Monitoring

illuminIT applies big data analytics to wire data patterns and statistical data to automatically discover and map the complex structures of business services within the enterprise.

illuminIT uses a unique top-down approach to create interactive, always-accurate, business service maps. Using its wire-data, predictive analytic engine, illuminIT automatically and non-intrusively identifies business services and IT assets. The product supports and can map your entire environment including web, client-server, cloud, mainframe, legacy and more.

For companies in finance, government, communications and more, illuminIT helps reduce MTTR, minimize downtime and improve overall IT decision making.

Mapping the Cloud

Cloud platforms are becoming critical and complex in the digital age. Mapping your assets on the cloud is a must and not an option anymore. Our unique solution supports major cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services EC2 and comes pre-configured and ready to deploy with three simple steps. No changes are necessary to existing instances which makes your cloud map up-to-date and functional within minutes.

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How to discover and map your business services

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