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illuminIT gives the enterprise an immediate value, adding business context and automation in various solution areas.

The illuminIT Business Service Mapping platform is a key solution for many business requirements. By creating an up-to-date map of applications and IT infrastructure, illuminIT provides the information you need to align IT with business.

illuminIT supports a wide range of IT initiatives including:

Business Application Mapping and Monitoring

illuminIT automatically discovers and maps how each business service flows and utilizes the IT infrastructure allowing you to manage IT from a business perspective

Planning and Simulation

illuminIT allows the enterprise to simulate changes in order to see their immediate impact on all related business services, before deploying

Get to the Root Cause

illuminIT pinpoints the root causes affecting service issues so that IT staff can spend time fixing problems instead of searching for their cause

Information Security and Cyber

illuminIT discovers information security risks in the context of the business services


illuminIT extends the capabilities of your existing IT management and operations systems to provide the missing business context and priority in real-time

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