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IlluminIT for CA UIM (Nimsoft)

Providing automatic, real-time infrastructure and application discovery, as well as dependency mapping, is essential for any system with integrated management and monitoring tools. Only the two together will ensure accurate results.

IlluminIT, with its highly sophisticated sensors and algorithms, is able to detect the ‘as-is’ relationships between business systems and the IT infrastructure. IlluminIT provides visibility into the system, without which integrated business/IT tools are blind.

Integration with IlluminIT significantly enhances the CA tools by providing automation and ‘click of a button’ mapping of business applications to IT infrastructure.

Tasks such as root cause analysis and change management, using the CA tools integrated with IlluminIT, become dramatically faster and more accurate.

Enterprises where the integration of Nimsoft and IlluminIT is in place testify to the accurate discovery of hidden system faults, fast root cause analysis and clear visibility of the dependencies of business services on IT infrastructure.

This integration saves organisations the many hours of work needed for manual data-capturing by providing automatic, real-time infrastructure and application discovery with dependency mapping. Far more importantly, information integrity is preserved through the continual updating process.

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