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IlluminIT is available as a standalone product with no dependency on the existence of any other platform. In this installation mode, IlluminIT can provide an end to end solution with the ability to:

  • Discover.
  • Map.
  • Simulate.
  • Monitor Services by network traffic.

The IlluminIT line of products also offers a few versions with specific value add for the major BSM vendors. IlluminIT adds substantial value to existing tools in Monitoring, DevOps, Service Management and Testing environments.

This has enabled us to develop unique adaptors for leading vendors and business requirements:

IlluminIT for CA UIM (Nimsoft)

Integration with IlluminIT significantly enhances the CA UIM by providing automation and ‘click of a button’ mapping of business services to IT infrastructure. Tasks such as root cause analysis and change management, using the CA UIM integrated with IlluminIT, become dramatically faster and more accurate.

IlluminIT for Microsoft SCOM

The integration of IlluminIT with the Microsoft System Manager tools, specifically SCOM, provides automation and ‘click of a button’ mapping of business applications to the IT infrastructure.
IlluminIT enables SCOM to monitor events and incidents in their business impact context.

IlluminIT for BMC ADDM & Atrium

BMC ADDM and Atrium CMDB are just 2 out of several applications where IlluminIT can add value by providing an automatic and continuos discovery of the business services without the need of an application expert. IlluminIT also updates and verifies in realtime the correct service model.

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