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The Business Services Discovery, Mapping and Monitoring Company

VNT Software is the leading provider of Automatic Business Service Discovery and Monitoring solutions that power Business Service Management (BSM). VNT’s flagship product, IlluminIT, generates a comprehensive, up-to-date model of all of the business services in the business, and links it to the underlying infrastructure. It provides the critical top-down view that enables companies to understand the impact of business needs on IT services as well as the impact of IT on the business.

The result is a true near real time business service availability and monitoring!

Founded May 2010 by a group of IT industry veterans, VNT is making BSM and Change Management initiatives successful for companies in a range of industries with complex technological and regulatory environments including finance, communications and government.

Pioneering Technology

With state of the art technology, VNT IlluminIT continuously discovers and maps services to the IT components that support them. Un-intrusive, it has virtually no impact on the production environment, and continuously updates the service map. IlluminIT’s accurate IT blueprint supports effective decision-making, instant change impact simulation and rapid change audits. With IlluminIT, companies can prevent outages, ensure SLAs, and streamline operations.

The Key to a Successful BSM Initiative

The goal of Business Service Management (BSM) is to enable organisations to understand the impact of business needs on IT services, and conversely, the impact of IT on the business. To make that vision a reality, organisations must have a map that shows the exact relationship between business applications and services, and the supporting IT infrastructure.

IlluminIT enables companies to realize the benefits of BSM with a comprehensive map of their business services that is up to date at all times. With IlluminIT, organisations can finally manage incidents, changes, and new developments at the service level – and at the speed of business.

Mapping the Journey into the Cloud

As companies migrate their datacenters to private, hybrid and public clouds, the need for an accurate service dependency map is more important than ever. When deciding which services to migrate, it is essential to have an accurate picture of all dependencies and to understand what will be required for a successful migration. After migration, organisations need to understand, at a glance, the connection between their business services and the virtualised infrastructure which is increasingly difficult to assess. VNT’s Business Service Mapping platform gives organisations the power to make informed decisions and to maintain service levels in the cloud.

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