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SSL certificates management made easy

June 6, 2017

If security is important for your website or application, you are probably using SSL for encryption. And you have probably acquired an SSL certificate. So you have secured your session, but is the certificate still valid? Certificates come with an expiration date. And after they expire, anybody attempting to access the website receives an embarrassing message about a problem with the site’s security certificate…

 certificate error

Unfortunately, it happens …

Just last week, I was trying to access my bank account thru the bank’s mobile app, and got some weird security message. Later, I tried to access my account from a laptop, just to realize that their SSL certificate expired. It took the bank a full business day to get to the same conclusion and fix the problem …

So how can we help?

Because illuminIT collects your wire data, it can easily detect SSL-encrypted sessions, and check the certificates that are used in these sessions. If the certificate has expired or is about to expire soon, illuminIT will highlight this certificate in the dashboard, and also alert the relevant people in the organization. This way, you will be alerted before the certificate actually expires, so that you can renew it on time.

Here is a sample screenshot of how this looks in IlluminIT. The lines highlighted in red indicate expired certificates, the lines highlighted in yellow indicate certificates that will expire soon.

 Illuminit DCD 2

Only real problems are alerted

With illuminIT, because we capture real user traffic, you can see the SSL certificates that are actually being used. You will not be alerted to unused certificates. And there is no need for installing any software on the servers or accessing them remotely – only passive traffic capture is used, so any operating system and any application server, even proprietary, is supported.

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