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My insights from Gartner’s IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit

May 15, 2017

Last week, John Pullen, VP North America Sales for VNT Software attended Gartner’s IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit in Orlando. Here is one silver bullet he took home.


I attended Gartner’s IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit in Orlando last week.  During a keynote address, Hank Marquis, Research Director at Gartner, instructed all IT operations leaders who are preparing their organizations for a digital business transformation to constantly ask the following:  “What do we do, for whom, and why?”.  This is all about relevance and impact, and will enable an effective strategy and better decision making.

By extension, I believe this also applies to an organization’s understanding of how its IT infrastructure and resources are applied to its most important business services.  Unless you have clear and dynamic insight into what infrastructure elements are impacting your most critical business applications, you will not be able to provide high levels of service to the organization and its customers, nor make critical and informed decisions about resource allocation.

illuminIT by VNT Software is an Algorithmic IT Operations (AIOps) platform that provides this much-needed dynamic insight. It is designed to automatically discover critical business services along with underlying infrastructure and dependencies, dynamically update service maps, and allow organizations to predict the impact of proposed changes.

Please contact us so that we can show you the power and simplicity of illuminIT by VNT Software.


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