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April 24, 2017

Cloud platforms are becoming critical and complex in the digital age. In a recent TechTarget survey about IT Priorities for 2017, the conclusion was clear: “Tech leaders remain invested in cloud options”. “Among the senior IT respondents who said their budgets would increase in 2017, 64% predicted they would increase their budget for cloud services, including computing, storage and applications — more than any other area we asked about.” Well – no surprises here…

But the real question is how do you migrate your existing IT operations to the cloud in a cost-effective way and while staying in control? According to Gartner “CIOs and IT leaders should not be migrating everything toward cloud services, nor should they be sitting back and waiting for the market to settle. A prudent data center strategy incorporates the best of both worlds, for the right reasons, at the right time”  …  “The question is no longer, should we use cloud services to support the business? but how and when can we use cloud services to empower the business? By focusing on applications, workloads, risk and the short- and long-term needs of the business, a flexible data center strategy can emerge.”

In most organizations the plan is to migrate applications to the cloud one-by-one. The problem is that in a typical, complex IT environment, every business application has connections and dependencies to other business applications and assets (such as databases or load balancers) which have not yet migrated to the cloud. So how can you make sure that when you migrate one application you don’t forget any of these interdependencies?

The solution lies in having an accurate map of your business applications and the dependencies between them – no simple feat.

VNT Software and our flagship product illuminIT automatically discover and map the complex structures of the business applications within the enterprise, and the relationships between business applications and their supporting IT infrastructure. Our product can map any business application regardless of whether it’s on the cloud, web, client-server, home grown or commercial.

Using illuminIT you can also create an up-to-date and functional map of your assets (on the cloud and outside the cloud) within minutes and use these maps to make your transition  to the cloud safe and reliable. Contact us to request a demo.

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