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illuminIT Data Center Visibility solution

January 4, 2018

illuminIT Data Center Visibility solution gives the system administrator quick and easy access to the activity of servers, applications, and business services. illuminIT exposes dependencies, usage patterns, external and internal accesses and activity anomalies, enabling deep root cause analysis for performance, availability, and security incidents.

illuminIT empowers the Operations, Infrastructure and Security teams to fully understand the activity in the data center and provide quick answers on developing situations.


  • All servers and connections discovered automatically, passively, without network load
  • Activity of all connections collected over time and available for view and analysis
  • Alert on changes – new and/or removed connections
  • Quick and simple integration for VMware environments

Use cases

Some common use cases where illuminIT helps

  • Security

o   Suspicious access to sensitive servers. One recent example from a customer is a user’s workstation performing periodic remote accesses to a DNS server – in this particular case unauthorized access was detected and prevented.

o   Check an intrusion’s scope – when an intrusion has been detected, check the activity of the intruder’s workstation, or the compromised server, to see which other servers and services could be affected as well.

o   Server firewall configuration. Local Windows or Linux firewall configuration is a hassle, it is difficult to know which ports should be left open and which ones can be blocked. With illuminIT it is easy to view access history and quickly configure the firewall correctly.

  • System administration

o   Decide about server decommissioning – illuminIT reports the activity and dependencies of each server so that it is simple to verify that a server is ready for decommissioning by verifying that no applications or business services depend on it.

o   Analyze the root cause of a problem by checking server and connection activity.

  • Performance

o   When a server is experiencing performance issues, illuminIT can shed light on the amount of traffic going into and out of the server and how it compares to the regular traffic.

o   Through integration with Splunk or ElasticSerch, illuminIT’s transaction log is used to monitor the performance of each HTTP transaction.

Following are some screenshots demonstrating illuminIT’s visibility features:

  1. Viewing connections and dependencies between servers

  1. The list of connections to and from a server, with traffic and frequency details:

  1. Drill down to historical analysis of a connection activity over time

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