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Experience Shows CIOs Have Limited Patience for Long BSM Projects

July 7, 2013

Not so long ago, a 2 year implementation project was something quite common in large enterprises, but in recent years the mode and mood have changed.Management doesn’t have the patience for long projects anymore. If you can’t show benefits in a few months, the chances of getting approval or funds are very low.
The reason lies in the understanding that if you can’t bring benefit within a few weeks or months of work, or as we call it – “quick wins”, you will not bring benefit after 2 years. This is something we see all the time: big financial companies struggling for years with long BSM projects, mainly around the implementation and population of CMDBs, only to understand, late into the project, that they lack the ability to help them better manage their IT environments. They realize that the automation is only partial, there is a lot of manual work involved, not all of their IT assets were mapped and usually there is no support for dynamic movements of assets in the virtual world. On top of that, the result lacks the business context needed to understand the impact of a change or of an alert.

Here is a collection of articles and observations that we have recently read, showing that CMDBs have become obsolete:

So what is the answer?

A quicker, lightweight solution can help get quick wins, with results along the way. Mapping the business vertically – from the business to the IT – adding value by monitoring the assets by business context. This way you can map the most important business services (like “private banking”) in a few days and start showing value immediately, helping the operations people better manage incidents and prevent downtime by simulating the impact of a change in the IT.

This is where we see benefit in IlluminIT  – enabling you to map business applications from the business service and business process point of view, to the IT assets and flow supporting it – any hardware or software assets, on any platform, and move on to the next quick win/business service.

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