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Everything is speeding up …

June 1, 2017

… this was one of the key themes in IDC futurescapes Worldwide IT Industry 2017 Predictions. According to Frank Gens, IDC SVP and chief analyst, “We are at an inflection point. Over the next three to four years, digital transformation efforts … will become the core of what industry leaders do and how they operate. In effect, every (growing) enterprise — no matter its age or industry — will become a ‘digital native’ in the way its executives and employees think and how they operate.”

And this means that everything in your IT environment is speeding up: the pace of change is much higher; your already complex IT infrastructure is even more dynamic than before; and you don’t have clear visibility into what has changed and why. And without visibility into what has changed, a lot of effort is required for effectively performing root cause analysis and change management. We had a simple incident at a customer site recently, that demonstrated exactly that.

The customer had a business service that was already discovered and mapped by our product, illuminIT, and was stable for months and years. At some point, a change alert showed up in illuminIT. The alert was forwarded to the business service owner. After checking the current business service map, and the change details (see sample screen capture below), it turned out that one of the engineers used a wrong file during the deployment of the last version upgrade! By mistake, the engineer kept the test database instead of the production database, so that now the production application server used the test database! Of course the error was fixed right away – the fix was simple and in a few minutes everything was back to normal.

And what would have happened without illuminIT? Well, we’ve all seen it before …
It usually starts with some users/customers getting strange results and opening problem tickets; Somebody looking at these tickets, and after some checks and tests that usually take a few hours – finding and fixing the root cause of the problem. However, even though the problem was fixed as soon as it was reported – we already have some very upset users that couldn’t work for a couple of hours.

To summarize, if your environment is dynamic and ever-changing, and if you also find it difficult to maintain an accurate map of your IT environment and very challenging to predict the potential impact of a change – contact us today to see a demo.

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