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Can change in the application code expose you to risk?

August 22, 2017

Of course it can …

Imagine the following scenario: a new application feature is developed that allows your brokers to use iPads to sell insurance policies and collect credit card information on the go. The code developers tested the feature thoroughly and released it to production (even used the DevOps tool). One thing was overlooked, the database the application was using was still the one in the test environment.

Technically everything works well, but business-wise — The direct financial impact of this human error would be credit card transactions which were not really cleared by the credit card companies!
You are probably thinking right now that this can’t possibly happen… well, this is exactly what happened to one of our customers, and this is exactly what convinced them that they truly need illuminIT.

How can IlluminIT detect and prevent this scenario? IlluminIT will immediately alert if any application is working across the wrong environments. For example: Application from the production subnet is using a database from the test environment subnet.

IlluminIT will also alert on any changes in the behavior of an existing application. For example: Yesterday the application was using the production database and today (after the release of the new version) it is using the SQL server in Pre-Prod. (see diagram 1 below)

Diagram 1: Before and after the change – the wrong database is used now

True story, and there are many other similar mistakes which are overlooked.
illuminIT can help you detect and fix these mistake in your organization – contact us today to see a demo.

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