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Announcing illuminIT version 2018.1

May 7, 2018

Our newest release, 2018.1, has lots of new and interesting features, based on customer feedback and requirements.

Here are some of the highlights of this new release:

  • illuminIT’s new anomaly detection component enables early alerts on developing problems. IlluminIT now observes the traffic patterns of each and every connection, and alerts on deviations from the learned behavior. It is possible to alert on an unexpected number of connections, exceptional traffic volumes, or a significant number of connection errors.
  • The new Explore screen replaces the Network Topology screen, with lots of improvements and new options. Use this screen to search for server dependencies, check port usage, and define business services for infrastructure systems.
  • The Activity Dashboard now supplies a bird’s-eye view of the system status, including the open notifications, status of discovery, and the most active servers and ports.
  • Impacted business services can now be displayed for multiple servers simultaneously.
There are many other improvements and fixes, including performance improvements, usability improvements and clearer server maps. For the full list of changes and to schedule a demo, please contact us.
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