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Announcing illuminIT version 2.6.2

January 14, 2018

We’re glad to announce the general availability of IlluminIT version 2.6.2. the latest update of our business service discovery platform.

With the new version, we enhance your discovery capabilities and allow you to manage your IT assets, providing you better visibility of your network and improving your secured environment.

The new version includes the following new features and capabilities:

  • Connection behavior analysis
    • For any connection, it is possible to view historical behavior, including traffic patterns and server/client resets. To enable historical data collection,  enable ‘Topology Archive’ in the Parameters screen
  • Integration
    • Integration with Nagios XI monitoring and with VMware monitoring (VMware traps) is supported out of the box
  • Security-related features
    • SSL certificates expiration now generates events on the relevant servers, so that it’s clear which servers host expiring or expired certificates
    • External accesses to any internal server are now monitored and displayed
  • Improved visibility and troubleshooting
    • Better troubleshooting and exploration of connections are now supported through consecutive incoming/outgoing connection queries. When showing incoming or outgoing connections in a server map, it is now possible to continue and show connections of the newly displayed servers
    • An integrated view of the baseline and current server map shows all the business service’s connections, both new and removed. This display option is now the default.
    • Software components are now displayed in the top level activity dashboard, and each software component group can be accessed directly from the Activity Dashboard screen
    • It is now possible to upload custom icons and associate them with servers, business services, software components and containers. These icons are displayed in the Activity Dashboard and the Manage screen next to the relevant entity

Read more on IlluminIT Release Notes – Version 2.6.2

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