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Announcing illuminIT version 2.6.1

September 12, 2017

We’re glad to announce the general availability of illuminIT version 2.6.1, the latest update of our business service discovery platform.

With the new version we enhance your discovery capabilities and allow you to manage your IT assets across VMWare and Amazon EC2 cloud, resulting in a more effective cloud migration and cloud management strategy.

The new version includes the following new features and capabilities:

  • Discovery of VMware assets
    illuminIT discovers details of VMs managed by a VSphere Server, including details about the operating system, CPU, memory and network cards
  • Support for the Amazon EC2 cloud
    illuminIT discovers details about instances in the Amazon AWS EC2 cloud
  • Activity and traffic patterns of your business services – see screen capture below
    illuminIT collects and displays statistics about byte count, packet count and connection resets over days or weeks, for each connection that belongs to any business service
  • Automatic discovery of software components
    Software components such as web servers and databases that are installed on servers are now discovered automatically
  • Improvements for manual server map editing
    New functionality and usability improvements have been added to improve the experience of manually adjusting discovery results, when needed
  • Additional GUI improvements

contact us today to schedule a demo and we’ll be able to show you some of these new capabilities in action.

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