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September 26, 2017

If you are a software development company looking to add business application discovery and monitoring capabilities to your product – VNT software is now offering an OEM version of our flagship product illuminIT. Contact us today to learn more.

illuminIT extends the existing capabilities of your product and complements them with the business context and priority in real-time. This information is essential to ensure the business impact of an event, alert or incident is incorporated into the resolution process. Here are a few powerful examples:

  • Improve overall IT decision making – Using real-time alerts originating from IT monitoring systems, illuminIT enables IT and service desk staff to quickly respond to and resolve problems. illuminIT pinpoints the root causes affecting service issues so that IT staff can spend time fixing problems instead of searching for their cause. With illuminIT, application and underlying infrastructure issues can be prioritized enabling the addressing of events by their business impact priorities.
  • Add business context to security incidents – illuminIT helps you associate security incidents to a specific business application or business process and this way optimize security management based on business requirements. Using illuminIT, your security team can immediately correlate the risk to critical business applications and then prioritize and schedule resolution efforts based on business considerations.
  • Optimize cloud management – illuminIT provides an important ongoing benefit of keeping cloud configuration information accurate—improving event, incident, problem and change management processes, especially in more complex and service-centric environments. It also helps detect configuration drift which has audit, compliance, and even security ramifications.

Do you see the synergy? Contact us today to learn more.

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